How to install the TomTom Navigator 5.2x update:

HotSync your Palm
First, HotSync your Palm before you do the update. Just in case.

Download the update
You can find the update at Scroll down to almost the middle of the page and locate the “Part 1 for Apple Macintosh users” section. Step 1 is where you download the file.

Folder viewOpen the disk image file if it doesn’t open for you automatically, then launch the TomTom Setup program that’s on the mounted disk.

Insert a TomTom CDRead every word of the license very carefully, then check the I Agree checkbox and click Continue.

Enjoy the odd drum thing.

EULA screenClick the Continue button to install the application.

Palm Powered-Handheld screenClick Continue to choose which application to install (there’s only the one choice).
Add mapsChoose Expansion Card or Internal Drive, making sure you choose the actual spot where the TomTom software is located on your Palm.
Select a mapClick OK, then quit the installer. Don’t click the HotSync button.
Insert the needed CDClick OK when it asks you if you want to cancel the setup procedure. Really.
HotSync in the usual way. It will take longer than your usual HotSync, and you’ll probably be treated to a progress bar as the update is transferred to your Palm.

Once the HotSync is done, try to launch the Navigator program. If you get a “not enough free cache memory to run the program” error don’t panic. I got the error, did a soft reset and all was well.

(Note: it seems this error is not an isolated incident as it’s been happening now and then, and not just that one time. I’m still looking into this.)

Lastly, check to make sure you have successfully updated the Navigator software. Turn on your Palm and launch Navigator. Tap the signal strength bars on the right, next to the time, to get to the Status Summary screen. It should say “version 5.201” in a white box just above the Done button.
That’s it, you’re done. I found this update to be much easier and much smoother than past updates. Translated to English, that means it actually worked the first time I tried it. Previous updates were sometimes a bit more problematical, but this one was pretty easy.

©2006 Seth Elgart

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