TomTom Navigator on the Macintosh

I recently got a Palm Tungsten T5 and a TomTom Navigator 5 Bluetooth GPS system. The reason I chose this setup is because it’s the only fully Macintosh compatible GPS system. I’ve had several Garmin units, and while they’ve worked fine and I’ve been happy to very happy with them, the fact that I use a Mac was a deal-breaker. Garmin is almost actively hostile to the Macintosh platform, in fact, as they’re basically unwilling to give you tech support once they hear you use a Mac. For the Garmins I’ve had I’ve borrowed or been given PCs to use for loading maps, but that was never a satisfactory solution for me as I just don’t like Windows. I even had a PC laptop for a while, which was given to me by a friend who no longer needed it. (He’s also a Mac person, but had to get a PC for an architecture class.) Unfortunately, that PC, along with my relatively new Aluminum PowerBook, several iPods and a somewhat large selection of other items were stolen out of my apartment. Thankfully, I had just done a complete backup of the PowerBook two days before. You know how you’re always reading about how you should backup early and often? It’s totally true. Anyway, this has nothing to do with GPS units except that since I no longer had a PC to do maps on my Garmin I decided it was time to get a new GPS.

I’d been intrigued by the TomTom Go for several years, and in June 2005 they announced a Mac Palm conduit for their map software. Unfortunately, as they don’t yet have much Mac experience there are a few problems. Mostly they’re problems with the instructions, many of which are either missing completely or very terse and incomplete. I decided to put up these pages to help out others (and to be there for me if I ever have to install everything again, for that matter).

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TomTom installation how to
TomTom updater how to
Comparison chart of some Garmins and the TomTom
Thoughts on the TomTom
Other GPS thoughts

Started on 5 October 2005