TomTom Navigator 5 Bluetooth with Palm Tungsten T5 Garmin iQue 3600 Garmin eMap Route 66 with Holux GR-210 wired GPS unit
Macintosh compatible Yes no no Yes
Spoken directions Yes Yes no no
Route planning Yes Yes no Yes
Car mount Yes Yes Yes no
Uses Palm Address Book Yes, indirectly Yes no no
Satellite Acquisition Lightning fast decent decent fast
Easy to use Yes Yes not especially Yes
Color Yes Yes no Yes
Screen size small small small Gigantic
Grafitti compatible no Yes no no
Typing compatible Yes Yes no Yes
Horrible Garmin-style data entry No yes yes No
Route calculation speed Surprisingly fast somewhat slow none Fast
Night colors Yes, manual Yes, automatic no no
Ease of use while driving Yes no no no
Remembers where you parked your car Yes, but requires eight button presses Yes Yes no
3D view Yes no no no
North-up 2d view no Yes Yes Yes
Track-up 2D view Yes Yes Yes (I think) no

©2005 Seth Elgart

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