Unboxing the Prophet ’08

Prophet '08 in the hall.The box, first view. Out in the hall. Outside my apartment door. All day. All evening. Until I got home from work on a Friday night at 11pm. FedEx, what were you thinking?

Candy!This is why I buy stuff from Sweetwater.

Box in a boxRoom at the top. For some reason there was 8 or 10 inches of extra space at the top of the outer box. They added wadded up paper to fill it up.

The "real" boxThe “real” box.
box contentsThere it is!
The manualThe manual.
The "Dave" DVDThe DVD.
The signatureDave, finally out of the plastic bag.
Glowing wheelsThe glow.
Glowing wheels, close upThe glow, up close.
Serial number 15Number 15.
Leopard woodLeopard wood. Note that it’s not actually that light blond color, which is caused by the camera flash. The color is more like the darker brown of the Dave signature photo above.
The grainThe grain.
Rear viewLED reflected in knobs, from the back.
Prophet '08Prophet ’08.

One song, two snippets.

Choppers Overhead
Four tracks, recorded in Live:
1 - Arturia Minimoog V - arpeggios
2 - G-Force Mtron - texture chords
3 - Prophet ’08 - fretless bass
4 - Prophet ’08 - lead

The two snippets are called Heavy Sequence and Light Arpeggios. These aren’t full tunes, they’re more like examples of what you can do with the Prophet ’08.

Heavy Sequence is rude and impolite and is done in a single patch. It’s also, uh, a little rough around the edges as well. The sequencer is running on one layer and the lead is on the other. I did cheat a bit because I couldn’t do two stereo channels at once into my Mac, but it more or less could have been done in one pass with only two hands (if you ignore the pitch bending, that is).

Light Arpeggios is much more polite and gentle. Both arpeggios are again done in a single patch and were recorded in a single pass live. I then put in a lead-ish type patch on top of that to make it a little bit more interesting.

By the way, the Prophet ’08 is made by Dave Smith Instruments.

Also, my original mini-review emails to the Analogue Heaven mailing list, some of which I copied above, can be read on Matrixsynth’s web site.

©2007 Seth Elgart

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